We are an international team with complementary qualifications. We have the necessary scientific, clinical and business expertise to achieve our goals and develop our substances.

Francisco Pan-Montojo

Dr. med. Francisco Pan-Montojo Puga, PhD

Interim CEO/CSO

Medical degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, PhD in Neuroscience from the Max-Planck Research School/Technical University Dresden, board-certified neurologist at the Bavarian Chamber of Physicians (Landesärztekammer Bayern). He has 15 years of experience in clinical practice and in the lab as leader of a scientific research group. As a GCP (Good Clinical Practice)-certified trial doctor, Dr. Pan-Montojo Puga will prepare the application for the clinical trials together with Granzer Regulatory consulting and apply to the BfArM for the necessary approvals. As a principal investigator, he will design and lead the necessary experiments for the development and approval of the substances for the various medical applications.

Bernd Zimmermann


Bernd holds a Business Economics degree from the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz. He has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry delivering serving as CFO and Business Operations in various Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies such as Gilead Sciences, Biogen, Schering Plough. He also was a Member of the Board at Biogen. He has a broad experience in the pharmaceutical business and a verifiable track record in driving business to growth.

Yanina Dening

Yanina Dening

Head of in-vitro Screening and Validation

Bachelor in molecular biotechnology from the Technical University Dresden. Over 10 years of experience in the lab using different types of cell cultures at several scientific research institutes. Yanina Dening is conducting the in vitro experiments for several disease models. She is responsible for several roles in pre-clinical testing.

Alexandra Chovsepian

Alexandra Chovsepian, PhD

Head of Animal Model Research

Bachelor in Biology from the University of Crete (Greece), Master of Science in Cognitive Neuroscience from the Radboud University of Nijimegen (Netherlands) and PhD in Neurobiology from the Ludwig-Maximilian University (Germany). Over 6 years of research experience with animal models. Alexandra Chovsepian is the expert for drug testing in in vivo experiments. Together with Yanina Dening she is responsible for the development of the current lead candidates and testing new medical approaches.


Dr. Hans Küpper

Over 40 years of experience in biotechnology with over 20 years in the life science industry, where he was involved in activities from R&D management to technology assessment and venture capital deals. He has served as a consultant for the pharmaceutical industry and the European Commission was a board member in 15 biotech-companies and is author of 50 scientific publications and 13 patent applications. He will support the team as a coach in commercialization, project management and business strategy.

Heiner Hoppmann

Over 35 year successful career in the pharmaceutical industry in Germany, CH and Latinamerica with broad experience in all fields of the value chain and segments of the industry. Many years CEO in a major international pharma services company. In the last five years founder and owner of a healthcare consultancy company and of a Pharma CDMO company. Active as Board Member in several companies including chairman of a stock – listed biotech company in Germany.

Francisco Pan-Montojo Gonzalez, Dipl. Ing., MBA

Over 40 years of experience in top management positions of small and mid-sized companies and as COO of one of the largest recycling organizations in Spain “ECOEMBES” (similar to “Grüner Punkt” in Germany). Founder of several companies in Europe and Argentina. He will support the team in business development and strategy as well as in establishing the company.


Prof. Wolfgang Hermann Oertel

Hertie Professor and former Chair Dept. Neurology, Marburg. Former president of the German Neurology and Parkinson associations. NEUREVO’s expert for Parkinson’s Disease.

Prof. Horacio Pérez-Sánchez

Professor in the Pharmacological Department of the Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM). He leads the research team «Structural Bioinformatics and High Performance Computing (BIO-HPC)» and has extensive knowledge on computational drug discovery, in particular in “Virtual Screening (Docking, Molecular Dynamics, Pharmacophore modeling”, what is essential for the discovery of new medical applications and substances.

Prof. Andreas Meisel

Professor of Neurology at the Department of Neurology with Experimental Neurology, Charité University Medicine Berlin, Germany. He is currently the Director of the Center for Stroke Research Berlin and Chairman of the Berlin Stroke Alliance. NEUREVO’s expert for Stroke.

Prof. Andreas Hermann

Section Head, Translational Neurodegeneration Section «Albrecht Kossel», Dept. of Neurology. University Medical Center. Member of the Center for Transdisciplinary Neurosciences Rostock (CTNR) and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE). NEUREVO’s expert for ALS.

Prof. Teymuras Kurzchalia

Research Group Leader at the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden. Lifelong experience on biochemistry research focused on life suspension processes. NEUREVO’s expert for pre-clinical research and drug finding.

Prof. Armin Giese

More than 25 years of clinical experience. He was Deputy Head of the Institute for Neuropathology and Prion disease at the LMU, Klinikum Universität München. He has several patents on neuroprotective drugs. Since 2018 focused on developing MODAG GmbH as CSO, a Biotech startup company. NEUREVO´s expert for clinical trials and drug development in general.


Dr. Thorsten Meyer and Dr. Ulrich Granzer

Senior Consultant at and founder of Granzer Regulatory Consulting & Services. Both will advise and help with the preparation of Clinical Trial Applications and with the interaction with the BfArM.